What it is

Kollektor is a personal library manager. Essentially, it allows you to manage all your books. Using a SOAP interface to Amazon.com it allows you to enter the ISBN and it will look up all the book information for you.



Version 0.5
- Fixed bug in the lending library where it wouldn't properly return the book
- Users can now enter either a UPC or ISBN in the search box
- Added edition field (note: Amazon.com does not currently return this information, so it is not filled in automatically)
- Added MSRP field (US Dollars)

Version 0.4
- "Fixed" sizers so the window can be resized without causing the controls to be damaged. There is still an issue with the window blanking out when it shouldn't.
- Main window now intelligently sizes itself instead of a hard-coded size
- Fixed controls from flickering when an internet lookup was performed

Version 0.3
- Added settings dialog
- Load and store settings from/to database
- Proxy settings SHOULD work now
- Lending library controls now work

Version 0.2
- Added ability to look up book on Amazon.com

Version 0.1
- Initial release
- Able to add and modify books in library

This program was developed by Isaac E. Wagner

The code is released under the GPL


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